WHA Safety & Quality Forum

WHA Safety & Quality

Networking on safety & quality improvement in Maternity Care

In 2016, WHA members identified 5 priority topics of interest related to enhancing the safety & quality of maternity care for women and newborns:

  • Reducing rates of third and fourth degree perineal tears
  • Improving recognition & response to reduced fetal movements at term
  • Arresting the rise in rates of Induction of Labour
  • Reducing the rate of first time caesarean section
  • Reducing rates of severe Post-Partum Haemorrhage

Last year’s Safety & Quality Forum focused on reduced fetal movements, and the latest evidence about effective ways to reduce stillbirth while being careful not to over-treat women at low risk (see copies of presentations given here)

In 2017 WHA also launched a collaborative on reducing third and fourth degree perineal tears.  Twenty-eight maternity services from 5 states participated.  The challenges faced and successes achieved by the teams will be showcased at this year’s Safety & Quality Forum.

Objectives of this year's meeting

The major focus of this year’s Forum will be on Induction of Labour - see the program

With rates of induction rising across the WHA community, we shared for the first time some analysis from more than 100,000 births in member services.  With many member hospitals now sharing de-identified clinical data about each episode of care, we have a unique opportunity to better understand the relationship between women’s characteristics, induction of labour, and outcomes for women and their newborns.   We asked:

  • For which women and babies is IOL improving outcomes? 
  • Should women be offered induction at 39 weeks? 

The program had a strong line up of presenters and lots of opportunity for discussion with peers.  Participants were also provided with tools to take away to assist with analysing local systems around induction of labour and identifying areas for improvement. 

WHA also provided its updated Benchmarking Maternity Care reports for 2017-18 to all participating member services.

Presentations from the event

Day 1

Team 1: Monash Medical Centre Clayton - Stefanie DiBenedetto & Karen Sawyer 

Team 2: St George Hospital - Anita Thompson

Team 3: King Edward Memorial Hospital - Carly Thompson 

Team 4: West Gippsland Healthcare Group - Heidi Vale & Warrick Pill

Day 2